Field Repair And Modification Kit Bloc 1

Down Range Gear

For users who push their gear to the breaking point, and over.

Sewing is not fun but necessary if a user has to modify or repair gear in a field environment or while deployed where warranty service is not an option. Bloc 1 of the Field Repair And Modification Kit covers the basics with needles and thread from components specifically selected to work on gear. You can’t buy another sewing kit like this. For starters users get two, 25yd machine wound bobbins of #69 military specification bonded nylon thread, the very same used in gear manufacture. One each, large and medium, tough, high quality, chisel point sewing needles are included to work through a variety of gear applications. Thread refills are free of charge; send back the empty ($5 to cover shipping required) and you still have the other left. We’ll refill the bobbin and get it back to you, wherever you are, topped off and ready to go over and over again as long as you need it.


Coyote Brown. Black. Foliage. OD Green.