MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer

Down Range Gear

Your MALICE Clip attached pouch has a new home: your belt.

The MALICE Clip Belt Stabilizer facilitates belt attachment of Tactical Tailor MALICE Clip* equipped pouches. Simply pass the MALICE Clip through the channels sewn into the Belt Stabilizer and then through the pouch, fold it over a belt and secure the ends with the locking tabs.  The two column configuration will support a single rifle magazine pouch or two pistol magazine pouches in tandem. Velcro construction locks pouches solidly into compatible belts. Opposing hook and loop faces make it well suited for use with two tier, inner/ outer LE duty belt systems. Optional, removable nonslip squares provide a friction hold on both sides of unlined belts. Compatible with belt widths up to 2” .

$8.50 - $13.00

Coyote Brown. Black.